smartmicro traffic Radars.
Engineered and made in Germany.

smartmicro traffic sensors feature the most advanced multi-lane multi-object tracking Radar technology. 4D/UHD ultra high definition. Products for intersection applications (stop bar and advance detection), arterial applications (counting and classification), enforcement applications (speed and red light) and for smart cities and car2X.

smartmicro is supplying complete traffic solutions for end users and sensors for OEM integration to numerous partners worldwide - tens of thousands of Radars being already deployed. With more than ten years of experience in the traffic industry, smartmicro is the perfect partner for traffic system providers and system integrators.

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Intersection Management

  • One single sensor for stop bar and advance detection.
  • Mid-block detection.
  • Counting and statistics.
  • Collision warning for car-2-x communication.

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Arterial Management

  • Traffic counting, classification and statistical analysis.
  • Ramp metering.
  • Incident detection (detection of slowed or stopped vehicles).
  • Wrong way detection.

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Enforcement Sensors

  • Speed enforcement (on roadside and at intersections).
  • Red light enforcement.
  • Mobile enforcement (speed and tailgating enforcement from a moving police car).

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Smart Cities

  • Real-time object data transmission for smart cities and car2X
  • Broadcast to connected vehicles.
  • Detection of pedestrians, Bicycles (VRUs).

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