The new TMC (Traffic Management Configurator) Easy Mode Installation Wizard makes planning and field installation of sensors simple, as an intuitive...

Smartmicro introduces a new data interface: STG - stationary target grid, which is available for UMRR-0C sensors. 3DHD wide beam radars with high angular...

We introduced recently our new Type 42 3DHD Radar Model, which replaces Type 39. It features improved performance, lower power consumption and lower cost. ...

Smartmicro (Smart Microwave Sensors), the German specialist in automotive and traffic management radar sensors, is showcasing its hottest innovations for...

A recently implemented BikeScout application, based on Smartmicro's UMRR-0A Type30 radar, has been successfully launched in Eindhoven, helping to make the city...

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Traffic Radar

The most advanced 3D object tracking traffic Radar technology. Sensors for OEM integration. Multi sensor systems. Setup Software and Accessories. Complete traffic solutions. Applications:

  • Intersection Management
  • Arterial Management
  • Enforcement sensors

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Automotive Radar

Radar sensors. Multi Radar sensor systems. Custom Radar system design, RF hardware, DSP hardware and signal processing software design services, prototype development and production of automotive sensors.

  • Side/Rear Systems
  • Front Systems
  • Services & Solutions

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Welcome to Smartmicro

Smartmicro designs and manufactures Radar sensors. For over 18 years we have been specialists in high performance Automotive, Traffic, Airborne and Security Radar technology.

Smartmicro is a technology leader in Radar sensors.

The product portfolio includes off-the-shelf and customized Radar sensors and solutions, including data links, multi sensor data fusion, set-up and alignment accessories, data logging and application software.

Many thousand Radar sensors are manufactured per year in house in our brand new company facility.

Millions of automobiles carrying Radar sensors based on Smartmicro technology are driving on the roads - and have been manufactured by automotive suppliers licensing Smartmicro technology. Read more about us

A new company building was completed in July 2011. 

It provides room for 95 employees. 

Quality and Certification

Smartmicro is an ISO 9001 certified company.

Many automotive products are developed compliant to different ISO26262 levels.

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