Intersection Management Radar.
Easy to use. Robust. Truly universal.

smartmicro traffic sensors, field-proven since 2009 on thousands of intersections, outperform other technologies in accuracy and reliability of stop bar and advance detection. While competitors need two sensors, we offer Stop+Advance for a combined stop bar and advance detection with one single Radar.

Our sensors can manage straight and curved roads using 4D multi-object, multi-lane technology. The 4D/HD and 4D/UHD (Ultra High Definition) products allow a high resolution detection for best-in-class performance - even in congested traffic conditions. We also offer NEMA TS1/TS2 SDLC compliant cabinet cards, relays and communication plus many other interface options and accessories.

Stop+Advance (Combined Stop Bar And Advance Detection with one Single Radar)

- One single radar for both stop bar and advance detection.
- Lane specific advance detection.
- ETA, counting, traffic statistic and other applications.

The three statements above summarize the key differences to other detection products and explain why this smartmicro traffic solution by far outperforms competitors. It saves cost both in terms of hardware and installation by integrating many functions in one.

The smartmicro sensor allows adaptive control strategies for intersections, because lane specific advance detection is possible. 

Therefor it represents the most universal detection technology on the market. Covering a wide field of view the sensor provides presence information at the stop bar and at advance zones. stop bar, approach, advance and system loops can effectively be replaced.

In addition to simple presence detection the integrated Event Trigger Module can be used to realize dilemma zone protection, signal priority, signal phase extension and other concepts for modern actuated intersections.

Product Selection


Ultra High Definition Model:

  • UMRR-0C Type 42 up to 340 m
    (1,115 ft) and covering up to 8 lanes.

High Definition Model:

  • UMRR-11 Type 45 up to 180 m (590 ft) and covering up to 4 lanes.

Stop+ Advance (77GHz)

Ultra High Defintion Model: