Smartmicro Enforcement Sensors.
Best in Class Worldwide.

Stationary Speed Enforcement

Highly accurate. Certified. Two directions. Stationary and portable.

Red Light Enforcement

Red Light for approaching and receding traffic.

Mobile Speed Enforcement

Police speed enforcement whilst driving.

The most advanced 4D object tracking Radar technology provides certified, highly accurate and reliable speed and position data for enforcement applications. For 256 vehicles and 8 lanes simultaneously. No matter if approaching or receding. More than 20 times per second from 0.1m/s to 88m/s (320km/h), in up to 100° field of view. Best in class.

The products feature 4D/UHD ultra high definition for highest performance even in dense traffic situations, and provides optimum vehicle separation to maximize capture rate for both speed and red light applications. 

The technology offers double redundant speed measurement with two or more receive antennas, direct Doppler measurement and range rate measurement. Speed trigger thresholds can be set lane specific and for user defined events.

Because of its modular application software design, it can be combined with intersection applications (stop bar and advance detection) or road traffic management applications (counting and classification).

Designed for straight forward integration into any customer (OEM) enforcement system.

Stationary and Portable Speed Enforcement

smartmicro 4D object tracking radar measures range, speed and azimuth and elevation angles (4D) for multiple vehicles simultaneously, for up to eight lanes, separate for each lane, in both driving directions.

The sensor also classifies the individual traffic objects.

Built-in redundancy is another advantage: in fact there is double redundancy: 1) having multiple independent receive antennas, the values measured by all must be perfectly matching to enable a reported speed; 2) the speed is measured firstly by the Doppler shift and secondly by the range progress over time, the two measurements being independent and redundant.

Thousands of Smartmicro radars work in stationary and portable enforcement systems today. Used by all the big enforcement players worldwide, this proven technology is one of the most precise measurement solutions. It has has passed OIML-R91 and OIML-D11 certifications at Swiss test lab METAS.

With 4D/UHD ultra high definition, smartmicro radars achieve unmatched performance in terms of precision and highest capture rate. It allows to maximise the number of reported offences.

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Red Light Enforcement

For the red light enforcement application, usually up to six lanes are measured. The sensors can track up to 256 objects simultaneously, in a 100 degree field of view which allows the coverage of many lanes even at short distances, which are typically required for the enforcement cameras.

The installation can be behind or in front of the stop bar (approaching or receding).

The integrated Event Trigger Module allows to place multiple trigger lines inside the sensor's field of view and connect them with defined events/trigger signals, effectively replacing inductive loops.

Since the 4D/UHD Object Tracking Radar provides highly accurate information of range, speed, lane index and also vehicle class, red light enforcement can be combined with speed enforcement as well as with other applications like counting or traffic statistic.

smartmicro radars work in many red light enforcement systems today around the world, this proven technology is today one of the most precise measurement solutions. It has been very well tested and has undergone certification tests.

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Mobile Enforcement

smartmicro now also brings 4D object tracking radar into police cars.

In this application, one or more Smartmicro radar sensors are mounted on a police car and will track multiple other vehicles driving in front and beside the police car and measure and display their speed. Usually three or more lanes are covered. It is also possible to monitor both front, side and rear area around the police car simultaneously (two sensors are required then). 

Combined with speed display, video recording and video/radar overlay, this represents a ready-to-run solution. Please see the video (in the media gallery) for explanation of the features of this system. Of course this system comes with the new superior 4D/HD high definition performance.

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Product Selection


Ultra High Definition Model:

  • UMRR-0C Type 42 up to 340 m
    (1,115 ft) and covering up to 8 lanes.

High Definition Model:

  • UMRR-11 Type 44 up to 180 m
    (590 ft) and covering up to 6 lanes.
  • UMRR-11 Type 45 up to 180 m (590 ft) and covering up to 4 lanes.