3DHD Traffic Radar Technology – Rollout to Canada

At the end of July our regional manager for the Americas, supported by one of our German traffic engineers, met with customers in Montreal, in Carleton Place (Ontario) and in Ottawa, to support reference installations in these cities. These new installations are in addition to already existing installations in the region.

The main purpose of the meetings and installations were on-site demonstrations and benchmarking of the sensor performance for regional certification in Ontario and Quebec provinces. Presentations were given to representatives of the city of Montreal, the city of Ottawa and the city of Carleton Place, as well as Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.

Smartmicro local distributors Black&McDonald and Fourpoint Detection supported the installations and demonstrations.

Presented applications were the Stop+Advance (combined single-sensor stop bar and advance detection for adaptive intersections) as well as Forward+ (traffic data collection), all based on the same hardware: traffic sensor UMRR-0C Type 42 3DHD.

The on-site evaluations left the present representatives of the provinces and cities very satisfied with the performance.