smartmicro Sensors for Smart Intersections.

The North American consultancy firm Parsons has chosen smartmicro radar sensors for the Dundas Street Project in the City of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Along the 4.9 km long stretch of road in the Dundas Corridor, 11 intersections are now equipped with 42 smartmicro radars in total (UMRR-0C Type 42 3D/UHD). Dundas Street is a major arterial road serving varied adjacent land uses along this stretch and is a major component of Mississauga’s transportation network serving thousands of people every day.

Our radar sensors provide the traffic data to help optimize the travel time by supporting the installed solution in adjusting the traffic light timings adaptively when certain conditions (e.g. congestion) are detected. In the future, even more functions of our technology - like queue length estimation - will be used to smooth the traffic flow and improve air quality.

We will keep you updated.