3DHD - High Definition in Three Dimensions: Range, Angle and Speed.

3DHD and 2DHD Technology Overview

3D Object Tracking Radar
Smartmicro Radar sensors belong to the leading object detection and tracking technology today. 3D means here that parameters range and angle (position) and speed (speed vector) are precisely measured.

For UMRR-0A and UMRR-0F, a patented FMSK Radar principle allows 2DHD real time direct measurement of all reflectors simultaneously even in complex situations, typically more than 20 times per second. As a result all objects will be reliably detected with excellent precision for position, speed vector and lane index. 

For UMRR-0C a further improved high speed frequency modulation technique is applied, allowing 3D measurement and 3DHD vehicle separation capability.

Measurement Accuracy and Vehicle Separation Capability
To reliably work as an automotive driver assistance system, four things are necessary: 
a) Detect all obstacles and vehicles and measure their position, speed vector, lane index and other parameters. Measurement accuracy is of importance.
b) In usual automotive scenarios many vehicles and many stationary reflectors are in the field of view, hence the radar must be able to separate them all and measure the abovementioned parameters of all of them separately. 
c) Provide sufficient processing power to detect and track for all reflectors, no matter if stationary or moving. 
d) Long range allows to detect early and avoid collisions.

The best radar will therefor have both the best measurement accuracy and the optimum separation capability. 

1DHD - Separation in Range and Speed.


  • Range measurement: Good
  • Range separation: Not Available.
  • Speed measurement: Good.
  • Speed separation: Good.

Those radars were used in the 1st generation of automotive radars. The most prominent shortcoming is the missing range separation: Of any two cars travelling at the same speed, only one car will be detected, usually the stronger reflector dominates.

2DHD - Separation in Range and Speed.


  • Range measurement: Good
  • Range separation: Good.
  • Speed measurement: Good.
  • Speed separation: Good.


The patented Smartmicro 2DHD technology achieves unmatched detection rates and the best position, speed vector and lane position accuracy - even in dense and congested traffic situations.

Smartmicro has gone one step further than competitors and has included both true range and true speed separation capability in its 1st and 2nd generation radar models. Cars traveling at the same speed can be separated by range, maximizing detection rates.

3 DHD Separation in Range, Speed and Angle.


  • Range + Speed + Angle measurement:Best
  • Range + Speed + Angle separation: Best.


Smartmicro 3DHD technology brings the latest innovations in Radar to the ADAS market and redefines automotive radar sensor performance.

Smartmicro is offering the best technology which is technically possible today. 3DHD sensors feature electronic transmit beam steering (E-Scan). The beam can physically be pointed in different directions. All antennas of the receiver array are wide beam, and by digital beam forming (DBF) the beam can adaptively be made wide or narrow and/or be pointed in any single direction or in all directions (up to 12 digital beams) simultaneously.

New 3DHD and 2DHD Sensor Models

All UMRR-0C models feature
Min. Range 1.5m. Accuracy typ. < ±2.5%.
Speed Interval ±0.36km/h (±0.1m/s) to ±300km/h (±83.34m/s). Accuracy typ. < ±1km/h (±0.28m/s).
Cycle Time: 70ms. Power: 7...32V; Ethernet/CAN/RS485 interface.


UMRR-0Cxxxx-27xxxx long range extra wide beam sensor. For ACC, AEBS, FCW, supports 2DHD and 3DHD.
Detection range 320m (passenger car, boresight).
Angle interval ±50° (Azimuth) x ±8° (Elevation).
Download data sheet (pdf).


UMRR-0Cxxxx-28xxxx very long range wide beam sensor. For ACC, AEBS, FCW, supports 2DHD.

Detection range 440m (passenger car, boresight).
Angle interval ±18° (Azimuth) x ±6° (Elevation).
Download data sheet (pdf).