Automotive Radar

Millions of automobiles worldwide carry Radar sensors designed by Smartmicro. With 20 years of experience in the design and development of automotive Radar driver assistance systems (ADAS), Smartmicro has a long track record and is proud to offer 3rd and 4th generation Radar technology today.

Smartmicro has invented the Lane Change Assist Radar, started series development of it in 2003 and started high volume production in 2006 with a partner. For Lane Change Assist (LCA) systems, it is today one of the top selling - and the leading technology worldwide. See Side/Rear Applications, also for the shorter range Blind Spot Detection (BSD), Rear Cross Traffic Assist (RCTA) and Exit Assist applications. The Rear Collision Warning (RCW) function was brought to production in 2010.

Longer range Forward Collision Warning sensors went in production in 2008. Today 76-77GHz sensors are manufactured for FCW, ACC, AEB and other functions. See Front Applications.

Younger products under development are 77-81GHz high bandwidth sensors for Automomous Driving, Parking Aid and other 360 Degree Applications.

Because of the attractive cost/performance ratio of Smartmicro Radar designs, customers like Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Mazda, Porsche, PSA and Hyundai already use Smartmicro technology. Together with many more customers the integration of our innovative Radars in new vehicle models is under continuous development.


Smartmicro offers design-, development- and related engineering services and complete solutions for 1st tier automotive suppliers, to allow manufacturing of Smartmicro technology on the supplier's manufacturing lines. 

Smartmicro also runs an in-house production line comprising SMT, sensor assembly and automated end-of-line test equipment.

The innovative UMRR (Universal Medium Range Radar) sensor platforms are flexible and scalable to allow low, medium and high performance solutions for many automotive applications.

You can download our Automotive Radar Product Brochure here.

smartmicro Automotive Radar 4D/HD 79GHz 3 Dimensional View

This video shows smartmicro's 360 degree 4D/HD radar application @79GHz - in the elevated driver perspective. Four low cost, very compact, all-CMOS based sensors run in high resolution mode with some 5cm range accuracy. Note the interesting 3-dimensional shapes of all kind of objects which can be seen. The sensors also have other operational modes up to 85m range.

For more information on our high-resolution automotive sensors, visit our Products page.

Find the high-resolution version of the video here on our YouTube channel.

smartmicro's YouTube Channel

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Key features.

  • Measures positions and speed vectors of multiple reflectors simultaneously, with high accuracy, within short measurement time.
  • Up to 500m range, up to 100 degree field of view.
  • 24GHz, 76-77GHz and 77-81GHz high bandwidth models.
  • Features true 3DHD object separation in range and speed and azimuth angle.
  • Detects, tracks and classifies all traffic (multi-lane). Tracks up to 256 objects (vehicles) simultaneously.
  • One box design.
  • Single board or dual board designs.
  • Self calibration and diagnostics on board (sensor blind detection, self-alignment etc., system self test and error management).
  • Communicates with vehicle via single or dual CAN bus, Ethernet or RS485 interface. 
  • Small, light weight, low power consumption.
  • Vehicle/customer/application specific code can be integrated in Radar system.
  • Ready for plug-and-play multi sensor data fusion. 

Advantages of this Radar Technology.

  • High performance third and forth generation 24GHz and 76-77GHz technology.
  • High bandwidth sensor designs in 77-81GHz band.
  • Highest-in-class integration levels for RF (system-on-chip) subsystem and digital signal processing modules. 
  • Excellent antenna performance.
  • Dual board or single board solutions available.
  • Low unit cost.
  • Low vehicle model adaptation effort, flexible installation and configuration options.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Long lifetime.
  • All weather operation, high availability.
  • Wide temperature interval: typ. -40 to +95 degree Celsius.
  • Extremely robust - withstands highest shock and vibration levels.
  • Excellent unit-to-unit reproducibility.
  • Can be mounted invisibly behind plastic fascia.
  • Nearly world wide frequency approval. 

Typical Applications: State-of-the-art Driver Assistance Systems.

Side/Rear Systems

  • Lane Change Assist (LCA).
  • Blind Spot Detection (BSD).
  • Rear Cross Traffic Detection (RCTA).
  • Rear Collision Warning (RCW) and Side Collision Warning.
  • Door Open Warning (Exit Assistant).
  • Back Up Warning.
  • Typically in 24GHz band.


Front Systems

  • Forward Collision warning (FCW).
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC).
  • Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB).
  • Typically in 76-77GHz band.


360 Degree Systems

  • Parking Aid.
  • Autonomous Driving.
  • Uses Multi-Sensor Fusion and is typically combined with other front or side/rear applications.
  • Typically in 77-81GHz band.