Versatile Radar Technology.
Many More Traffic Applications.

The versatile smartmicro traffic Radar technology can be used for many additional applications.

Flexible data interface options: trigger signals, traffic statistic data, object lists and raw target lists and the various physical interface options: CAN, RS485, Ethernet and many  Opens internal link in current windowaccessories, make smartmicro sensors fit for all kinds of purposes.

They deliver real-time position, speed vector and classification data of up to 256 objects simultaneously.

For stand-alone solutions where sensing and application software is all integrated and relay contacts are triggered. Alternatively options are available for OEM integration.

The modular application software design makes adaptations easy. The smartmicro traffic radar engineering team will be on your side to support new ideas.

smartmicro traffic Radars. The most advanced traffic Radar technology. Engineered and made in Germany

ANPR Systems

smartmicro traffic radars are used to trigger multi lane ANPR systems. Not only trigger signals can be provided, but also precise speed information which is usually not available from other sensor principles. Traffic volume, class and other statistical information is part of the data delivered by the radar device at the interface.

Road User Charging Applications

For this type of applications, either open road tolling (ORT) or multi lane free flow tolling (MLFF), or for any general tolling application, smartmicro radars will detect and track vehicles in many lanes, accurately measure speed and can be configured to trigger tolling system components - reliably, invisibly and maintenance free.

Variable Message Signs

Variable message signs (VMS) or general portable message signs are equipped with smartmicro radar sensors and provide lane specific traffic information like speed, count, traffic density etc.