Arterial Management Radar.
Precise Real-Time Data for Smart Cities.

Forward+Traffic Counting and Classification

Accurate count and highest quality speed data. Classification and statistics for up to 8 lanes.

Forward+Incident Detection

Reliably detects stopped vehicles, slowing vehicles and other kind of incidents. 450m range.

Forward+Wrong Way Detection

Automatically measures speed and direction. Reliably finds wrong way driving vehicles.

smartmicro Forward+ sensors perform counting, classification and deliver traffic statistic data. Up to 8 lanes, dual direction, can be covered. For all traffic objects it provides real-time position and speed vector plus other information.

Forward+ sensors deliver the highest speed accuracy available today, and detect stopped vehicles or wrong way drivers.

The products feature 4D/UHD ultra high definition detection for highest performance in congested traffic situations, with up to 450m detection range.

Installation and alignment is simple, using a pole mount position at road side on standard infrastructure (light poles or traffic signs). This saves hardware- and installation cost. Smartmicro Forward+ is the only multi-lane traffic counting sensor which can be gantry mounted. Suitable for permanent or temporary installations.

For more information see our Brochure.

Incident Detection

Forward+ Incident Detection uses the integrated Event Trigger Module where zones of interest can be created, specific conditions can be defined (like a speed threshold, presence, a traffic object of a certain class); and this event can be assigned to a defined trigger message.

If, for example, a car stops in the middle of a road or at the hard shoulder the sensor can transmit a trigger message. Overall the Event Trigger Module is very powerful and flexible.

As an example, see the video in this section. Using UMRR-0C Type 40 3D/HD radars, one of smartmicro’s Korean customers developed a local Incident Detection System, which was certified by KICT and has been tested for  >95% detection rate of pedestrians. The solution was implemented at multiple locations, among those highways in the mountains of Jeju Island or the Gwangan Grand Bridges in Busan, South Korea, as well as on several intersections across the city. Since the IDS went operational, the number of accidents and other incidents was significantly reduced. Potentially severe accidents were avoided and lifes saved.

For the video click on the right picture or for high resolution click HERE to be redirected to our YouTube channel.

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Traffic Counting and Statistic

For fixed or mobile traffic counting stations, smartmicro radars provide precise volume and classification data for 4+1 classes, compute and accumulate statistical data including volume, occupancy, average speed, gap, headway and 85th percentile. 

The smartmicro sensor is the only traffic Radar solution today to feature 4D/UHD - ultra high definition, and allows the most accurate lane specific speed measurement on the market.

It can be used in urban installations, to provide real-time data for smart cities, as well as for the traditional freeway counting stations and works for 8 lanes, two directions

Looking along the road but not perpendicular as older traffic sensors, the mouning position of these new Radars are flexible, either on the road side, at the centre of a highway or on a gantry, whatever sensor position provides the best coverage. No setback is required for roadside pole mount, existing infrastructure like light poles can be used. Other than for older side firing radars which usually have occlusion problems and need a very high mounting position, moderate heights are sufficient here. The wide field of view enables the user to define up to four measurement (counting) lines inside the field of view.

Since vehicles are tracked over a longer period when they drive in the field of view, the driving behavior of vehicles can be analyzed which helps mitigating occlusions and increases counting accuracy. Moreover, changes in the speed can be monitored which are often an indication for possible incidents

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Wrong Way Detection

While wrong way driving is one of the most dangerous situations, such situations can be detected easily, reliably and very quickly using Smartmicro traffic radars.
Measuring speed very accurately, for both directions, for up to 8 lanes, the Radar's application software will find and report wrong way drivers immediately.
On/Off ramps can be monitored as well. The sensor can easily be integrated into existing or future warning systems.
Because of the modular application software design principle, the applications counting and classification, incident- and wrong way detection can be combined.

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Ramp Metering

On freeway ramps smartmicro Radar sensors are used to adaptively control the freeway access from the ramp. The sensor is capable of measuring the demand and the capacity simultaneously, it can count traffic and measure the speed.

Product Selection


Ultra High Definition Model:

  • UMRR-0C Type 42 up to 340 m
    (1,115 ft) and covering up to 8 lanes.

High Definition Model:

  • UMRR-11 Type 44/45 up to 180 m (590 ft) and covering up to 6 lanes.

Forward+ (77GHz)

Ultra High Defintion Model: