Real-Time Online Traffic Data

Our Russian partner Sorb Group has developed a dedicated software called „SmartRoad“, which can be connected to all smartmicro traffic management radar sensors.

The software is able to collect, store and transfer all road traffic data gathered by using our products. Its convenient web interface allows an easy configuration abd displays the specified radar parameters set along with all selected radar output date. It can be centrally or locally installed on industrial- and embedded PCs, as well as on Linux based platforms.

The user-friendly software is operating in an easy-to-use User Interface (UI), which is divided in subsystems to deliver the exact solution the customer is looking for. The features include measuring the intensity of traffic flows, incident management, the initial analysis of the received data and a reporting preparation. With the Administration Module you will get even more functions, such as remote configuration of the traffic detectors, fine-tuning for adaptive intersection control and data logging.

The System is implemented using a three-tier architecture based on web-, business-logic- and database-servers.