New Generation of Automotive Radar Sensors

smartmicro has recently introduced its new generation of automotive radar sensors.

All models feature full CMOS 12-channel RFICs with multi core DSPs.

UMRR-8F Type 146 79 GHz radar is only 69 x 81.3 x 21.9 mm small, weighing less than 110g, with an azimuth field of view of more than 130°. Its 4D/HD resolution can also measure an elevation angle. It features short, medium and long range mode and has a range of up to 85m.

UMRR-11 Type 132 even has a 4D/UHD resolution and can detect objects within a range of up to 175m in long range mode ,or 64m in short range mode in a 100° field of view. This 77 GHz sensor is slightly bigger with 95 x 85 x 43.08 mm and 200g.
See (77GHz short range)
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