Forward+ 2DHD: Outstanding Performance Proven

smartmicro's Forward+ 2DHD was the winner of an independent trial in Finland and showed outstanding performance.

The target was to compare various non-intrusive detection technologies with loop detectors in terms of detection rate, all-weather performance and total cost of ownership. The testing period was selected in the challenging winter time in Finland between October 2016 and January 2017 and the sensors were mainly used for Stop Bar and Advance detection.

In comparison to others, Forward+ 2DHD is the only sensor doing Stop Bar and Advance detection in one single device. smartmicro detectors have unlimited possibilities to define multiple detection areas and collect traffic data easily. This ability enables traffic departments to control the traffic flow based on live data.

Rough weather conditions have almost no effect on the performance of the sensor. The counting results as well as the Stop Bar performance both showed accuracy values of 99 %.

Radar detectors in general have lower lifecycle and investment costs than loops. Accuracy values, of course, differ between the single sensor brands.

For more detailed information view the full test report HERE.