Bicycle and Pedestrian Classification

smartmicro also released a totally new software module for object classification. We are proud to announce that our UHD UMRR-0C Type 42 radars are now able to distinguish 7 different classes:

Pedestrian, Bicycle, Motorbike, Passenger Car, Transporter, short Truck and long Truck.

While side firing radars normally classify by estimating the length of an object, smartmicro's forward firing radar is using a totally different method.

Each target in the field of view of the radar sensor has a unique pattern of back-scattered energy. These so-called reflection characteristics or features are used to determine the class of an object. Each class has a distinctive combination of features, like for example the shape of the object in a 2-dimensional Range-Doppler detection matrix. In-house developed machine learning algorithms and decision trees are now applied for the determination of the specific class of one object. As a result, the classification performance is significantly improved.

With the ability to reliably detect pedestrians and bicycles, smartmicro makes another leap ahead. Such vulnerable road users (VRU) need special attention in terms of safety in the traffic environment. This can be achieved with radar detectors from smartmicro.