New Products

We introduced recently our new Type 42 3DHD Radar Model, which replaces Type 39. It features improved performance, lower power consumption and lower cost. With regard to the range and the field of view, the established characteristics are almost still the same. The Type 42 allows for speed and red light enforcement, intersection management (Stop + Advance) and arterial management (Forward +).

Additionally, our all-new 2nd generation of the Traffic Management Interface Board (TMIB) detector card is now available, which is used to connect four radars of an intersection with a traffic controller. Smaller, better, faster and very easy to use, it features a Linux operation system, GBit Ethernet connectivity, sensor data fusion and a web interface. It is based on ARM processors and features standardized interfaces for USB, SD cards etc.

How simple it is to manage intersections and highways shows the new Traffic Management Configurator (TMC) Easy Mode version 1.3, which was recently released. The step by step configuration is more intuitively than even before and supports now all Smartmicro radars.