• smartmicro Traffic Radar

    Traffic Radar- Intersections

    Smartmicro intersection management sensors reliably detect trucks, buses, passenger cars, motorbikes and bicyles at intersections.

  • smartmicro Traffic Radar

    Traffic Radar - Highways

    Smartmicro arterial management sensors are used to count and classify traffic with high accuracy on multi lane higways.

  • smartmicro Traffic Radar

    Traffic Radar - Arterials

    Smartmicro arterial management sensors can detect incidents and wrong way drivers, allow lane- and vehicle specific speed measurement with unmatched accuracy.

  • smartmicro Traffic Radar

    Traffic Radar - Enforcement

    Smartmicro enforcement sensors are applied for portable and stationary speed enforcement, red light and mobile enforcement solutions.

  • smartmicro Automotive

    Automotive Radar - Blind Spot Detection

    Smartmicro sensors cover blind spots, warn for rear cross traffic when reversing and reduce side and rear-end collisions.

  • smartmicro Automotive Radar

    Automotive Radar - Collision Warning

    Smartmicro automotive radar sensors are used for forward collision warning and side- and rear pre-crash sensing.

  • smartmicro Automotive

    Automotive Radar - Lane Change Assist

    Smartmicro automotive radars are the leading technology for lane change assist systems worldwide, working in millions of vehicles today.

  • smartmicro Airborne

    Airborne Radar - Altimeters

    The Micro Radar Altimeter is one of the most advanced radar altimeters on the market today.

  • smartmicro Airborne Radar

    Airborne Radar

    Smartmicro airborne radars can be used for a variety of airborne applications.

  • smartmicro Security Radar

    Security Radar

    Smartmicro long range high performance FMCW radars detect targets in up to 40km distance, feature e-scan TX and digital RX beams, provide highest resolution and sensitivity.

  • smartmicro Technology

    Radar Technology

    Smartmicro designs, develops and manufactures best in class Radar technology for automotive, traffic, airborne and security applications.

  • smartmicro Technology

    Radar Technology

    Smartmicro radars use leading antenna technology, active and passive scanning solutions for smallest size and best resolution at different frequencies.


  • Radar Sensor Bracket 07 Front

    Traffic Management: New Advance+ Detector

    For the first time, lane specific advance detection becomes available with the new Smartmicro Advance+ technology for adaptive solutions.

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  • Blind Spot Detection Mirror

    Automotive Radar:
    Best Blind Spot Sensor

    The next generation Blind Spot Detection system is on the road, outperforming other technologies.

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  • Smartmicro 3DHD

    UMRR-0C with 3DHD Technology Released

    The UMRR-0C redefines traffic Radar performance. Higher range, wider field-of-view plus true range, speed and angular resolution for unmatched vehicle separation capabilities.

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company building

Welcome to Smartmicro

Smartmicro designs and manufactures Radar sensors. For over 17 years we have been specialists in high performance Automotive, Traffic and Airborne Radar technology.

Smartmicro is a technology leader in Radar sensors.

The product portfolio includes off-the-shelf and customized Radar sensors and solutions, including data links, multi sensor data fusion, set-up and alignment accessories, data logging and application software.

Many thousand Radar sensors are manufactured per year in house in our brand new company facility.

Millions of automobiles carrying Radar sensors based on Smartmicro technology are driving on the roads - and have been manufactured by automotive suppliers licensing Smartmicro technology.

Click on the tabs below to learn more about our technology and product families.

Automotive Radar

Radar sensors. Multi Radar sensor systems. Custom Radar system design, RF hardware, DSP hardware and signal processing software design services, prototype development and production of automotive sensors.

Example Applications: State-of-the-art Driver Assistance Systems.

  • Side/Rear Systems
    • Lane Change Assist (LCA).
    • Blind Spot Detection (BSD).
    • Rear Cross Traffic Detection (RCTA).
    • Rear Collision Warning (RCW) and Side Collision Warning.
    • Door Open Warning.
    • Back Up Warning.
  • Front Systems
    • Forward Collision warning (FCW).
    • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC).
    • Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB).

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Traffic Radar

The most advanced 3D object tracking traffic Radar technology. Sensors for OEM integration. Multi sensor systems. Setup Software and Accessories. Complete traffic solutions. Applications:

Intersection Management
Stop bar detection.
Advance detection.
Queue length measurement.

Arterial Management
Traffic counting and traffic statistic.
Incident detection.
Wrong way detection.

Enforcement sensors
Speed enforcement.
Red light enforcement.
Mobile enforcement.

Other applications
Ramp metering.
Variable message signs (VMS) control.
Street lighting control.
Toll booth apllications.
ANPR triggering.
...and many more.

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Airborne Radar

True altitude over terrain tracking Radar sensors. Extremely robust, small aperture, very light weight. 

Example Applications:

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General Purpose Radar Sensors and Tools

Prototype Radar design and development, antenna, RF hardware, DSP hardware and signal processing software design services, sensor fusion hardware, data logging and visualization tools. Demo Kits.

Example Applications:

  • Prototype Radar sensors for research programs and test purposes.
    • automotive applications
    • airborne applications
    • shipborne radar
    • security/surveillance
  • Equipment of test vehicles, alignment and calibration, data interface adaptation.
  • Software tools for data logging and visualization.
  • General purpose Radar sensors, configurable for many applications.

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