Technology Park Braunschweig celebrates 30 years

On June 6, The Technology Park Braunschweig, an organization of the Municipality of Braunschweig, celebrated its 30th anniversary. Since its founding more than 149 companies with about 1,600 highly qualified employees successfully developed from this start-up center. 

According to mayor Markurth more than 90% of the 144 companies active today are still located in Braunschweig and contribute to making Braunschweig Lower Saxony’s number one for business developers, according to “Wirtschaftswoche” magazine. 

Smartmicro, being one of the most successful companies who have started at the “Technopark”, received much support from the Municipality in its first years.  

The two company founders, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Hermann Rohling and Dr.-Ing. Ralph Mende, supported and attended the celebrations this Monday and received notice that the chief of the economic ressort of the City of Braunschweig, Mr. Gerold Leppa, will visit Smartmicro facilities in July.

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