Smart Cities with Fileradar

Everybody speaks about Smart Cities. And Smartmicro’s traffic management Radar sensor technology is an enabler for such Smart Cities, providing precise data for the traffic flow on arterials and intersections.

Together with a local Innovation Partner Fileradar, smartmicro works on a project including twenty-four Advance + 2DHD long range Radar sensors for the purpose of queue length estimation at several intersections in Utrecht - The Netherlands.

Each Radar sensor covers maximum six approach lanes and has a range of up to 450m. Vehicles which are slowing down, or which are stopping, can be reliably detected. The data are fed into Fileradar’s innovative and proprietary queue length algorithms to precisely determine the length of the waiting queue.

The equipped intersections have become fully adaptive, and control the traffic flow decentral based on the queues of several intersections.

Fileradar created a web interface to visualize the Radar based queue length situation country-wide, along with other sensor data.

The solution is being adopted by more and more cities in the Netherlands.

Real Smart Cities. Get more information here.