Premium Product Line Handles Metropolis

To benchmark the unique separation capabilities and high detection rate of smartmicros Premium Product Line UMRR-0C Type 42, it was installed at one of the most traffic-intensive avenues in São Paulo. The Avenue Pres. Castelo Branco (4588) has five lanes and is very well known for its congested traffic. The more impressive is the achieved result by UMRR-0C Type 42 which separates the targets based on their speed, range and azimuth angle.

The radar sensor reliebaly captured very high percentage of objects (in all cases >95%) in two test intervals with low and high traffic density. The achieved accuracy was almost similar to the one achieved by inductive loops. A manual count based on a camera stream served as the reference. As shown in the picture above, the radar was installed at a gantry and was detecting the objects in receding mode. The test was performed by one of smartmicros existing partner in that region.