Green Way Systems and smartmicro strengthen their strategic partnership

Along with the traffic density, the number of construction sites in Germany is increasing steadily. Whenever a road construction is under way, temporary traffic technology is required. One of the most innovative providers of such non-permanent installations is Green Way Systems.

Their goal is to collect data at temporary traffic situations and to control mobile traffic guidance systems. Their so-called “Streckenstation OPTIMUS” is able to collect and process the reliable and accurate statistics of smartmicro radars and to forward them wirelessly. The congestion warning system is a solar-powered state-of-the-art system. A web interface is visualizing the current average speed of a vehicle and the appropriate messages on the dynamic message signs.

“With the use of the smartmicro radar sensor, it is possible for the first time to precisely detect vehicles on several lanes using a single sensor and to perform a lane-related evaluation with relevant traffic data. This allows a previously unattained quality of traffic data for non-permanent installations in traffic engineering”, explains Matthias Müller, Managing Director of Green Way Systems.

As the cooperation of Green Way Systems and smartmicro is becoming more and more successful, both companies recently agreed to intensify their cooperation. The focus lays mainly on non-permanent congestion warning systems and non-permanent traffic light detectors for Stop Bar Detection on the German market.

“It’s a great success. We’re looking forward to further develop this market together”, concludes Daniel Reitenauer, smartmicro’s Head of Sales.