Denmark implements smart traffic light

The Danish city of Vejle recently presented its first smart traffic light based on Smartmicro technology. Cars approaching the junction faster than the indicated speed limit will be stopped by a red traffic light, while cars that stick to the speed limit will see the light turn green when they are approx. 55 Meters from the stop bar. Smartmicro’s UMRR-0A Type 30 radar sensor, installed directly on the mast above the traffic light, detects the vehicles, measures their speed, and sends out the appropriate signal.

This project was handled by Smartmicro distributor ITS Teknik, who has been successfully working with Smartmicro for many years with different detectors. The Danish company has installed more than 250 Smartmicro radars on intersections in the past two years. In total more than 400 units were deployed for innovative intersection solutions like Advance Detection and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). This number is very impressive considering the fact that it roughly corresponds to a market share of about 75% for advanced features. “Because traffic destroys the loops, the Danish market has been in need of a new technology for a long time. While cameras didn’t perform as good as loops, Smartmicro radars did”, Lars Hougaard Jakobsen, Sales Manager at ITS Teknik, explains this immense success in Denmark.

“The advance features, like the Estimated Time of arrival, are unique. The good detection rate for bikes and bicycles helped us further to push this radar technology into the market.” Within Europe the Netherlands and the UK, besides Denmark, are also focusing more and more on Smartmicro technology. Especially the ability to estimate queues properly ensures a great popularity.

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