20th China Expressway Exhibition

smartmicro’s distributor Let’s Tech exhibited at the 20th China Expressway Information Conference and Technology Products Exhibition in Qingdao, China, on March 29th & 30th 2018.

This exhibition attracted approximately 50,000 visitors from the provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities), transportation and transportation departments (bureaus and commissions), highway authorities, expressway network management agencies (toll collection, monitoring, communications, command and dispatch), and road administration.


Let’s Tech showcased smartmicro’s UMRR-0C 3D/UHD and our latest innovation UMRR-11 4D/HD radar sensors. Especially the 4D/HD technology impressed the visitors. UMRR-11 features a range of up to 180 m and a coverage of up to 6 lanes. By default the sensor provides range, azimuth, elevation angle, as well as the speed vector of up to 126 objects simultaneously in the field of view.