Standard Products

76-81 GHz Automotive Radar Sensors

We offer standard automotive grade products - made by smartmicro. They represent the 4th generation of automotive Radar sensors, introducing 4D/UHD technology. Other features are:

  • Multi-Mode, switcheable with single cycle latency
  • Multi-Band, featuring up to four center frequencies for interference-free operation
  • PATENTED Direct unambiguous speed measurement (500km/h)
  • Self-calibration and diagnosis, interference suppression
  • CAN(FD) and 2-wire automotive Ethernet i/f
  • Streaming data interfaces, typically used for sensor fusion (like point cloud, spectrum ...)
  • Plug-and-play multi-sensor fusion
  • Synchronization


UMRR-11 Type 132: 

Long- and Medium Range sensor (LRR Mode and MRR Mode) for front and rear applications with 4D/UHD resolution. 76-77GHz, 180m, 100 degree field of view, switchable TX antennas (narrow/wide), azimut and elevation measurement.

Download Datasheet

UMRR-96 Type 153: 

Short-, Medium- and Long Range Radar with 4D/UHD resolution for corner (side/rear and side/front)  applications including parking and for L4 autonomous vehicles. Adaptive beams (straight beam / PATENTED squint beam). 120m max. range, 8cm resolution, azimuth and elevation, 2-wire automotive Ethernet.

Download Datasheet

Long/Medium Range Radar 4D/UHD @77GHz 

This video shows the long range (ACC) operation of our Type132 model. Note the interesting elevation measurement feature (elevation = color) and the good sensitivity at long range even for stationary reflectors. The sensor also has a high resolution medium range (AEB) mode.

Find the high-resolution version of the video here on our YouTube channel.

Long/Medium/Short Range Radar 4D/UHD @79GHz

See smartmicro's 360 degree 4D/UHD radar application @79GHz. Four low cost, very compact, all-CMOS based sensors run in high resolution mode with some 5cm range accuracy. Note the interesting 3-dimensional shapes of all kind of objects which can be seen. The sensors also have other operational modes up to 120m range.

Find the high-resolution version of the video here on our YouTube channel.

ROS support

The demand for automated processes is increasing in many different areas of everyday life, from automated driving to industrial robots. With this growing demand, more customers use ROS for the data fusion and data processing of their sensor setups.

Smartmicro is offering ROS support / ROS drivers for easier customer integration of the radar sensors including ready-to-run real time display in ROS. Customers can read the proprietary radar protocol into ROS, which significantly facilitates the processing and visualization of radar data.