Front Applications
Side / Rear Applications
360 Degree Applications

Typical applications are:

  • Forward Collision Warning (FCW)
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
  • Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)
  • General Sensor Data Fusion Applications

Smartmicro offers design-, development- and related engineering services and complete solutions for 1st tier automotive suppliers, to allow manufacturing of customized products on the supplier's manufacturing lines. See also Services and Solutions.

You can also Download our Automotive Radar Product Brochure here.

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Side/rear driver assistance systems consist of two radar units, those are invisibly mounted in the corners of the rear bumper. One sensor operates as system master, the second unit is configured as slave. By using a private data link, the data of both radars are combined in asensor data fusion tracking algorithm.

Solution [1] - the Smartmicro Lane Change Assist (LCA) technology is in volume production since Q1/2006 and is used for example byAudi, Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche, Mazda and others already in the 2nd generation. Designed for compliance with ISO 17387 LCDAS type III / C.

For more information, see our Automotive Radar Product Brochure.

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The field of view is selected to cover most of the blind spot warning zone, and an area containing three lanes (left neighbor, driving and right neighbor lane) up to 120m back. It operates on straight roads as well as in curves. This is achieved by a special patented antenna design.

Solution [2] - the Blind Spot Detection (BSD) system is similar to the LCA system and also consists of two radar units. The field of view covers the blind zones, Radars are pointed to the side of the car and detect any moving vehicle beside or beside/behind the Radar car. An area containing five lanes (two left neighbors, driving and two right neighbor lanes) is scanned. The range to the rear is shorter compared to lane change assist systems. The blind spot detection system has lower cost and is easier to install. It was optimized for slow speed urban driving as well as for driving on freeways. Having been extensively tested in congested cities, the system stands forexcellent performance and very low false alarm rate. Designed for compliance to ISO 17387 type I or II / A or B.

Both solutions optionally come with additional applications integrated:

  • Rear Cross Traffic Detection (RCTA)
  • Exit Assistant (Door Open Warning - DOW)
  • Rear Collision Warning (RCW)

Featuring the latest system-on-chip design Smartmicro sensors use full CMOS 76-81GHz RF chips for highest performance and lowest cost, and brilliant antenna technology. 

4th generation products use high speed modulation, multicore DSPs and feature 4DHD technology, ISO26262 (ASIL) compliance.

Detection algorithms, tracking, object-to-lane mapping and the warning algorithm (illuminating warning LEDs or buzzers) are integrated. No extra control unit is required.

The innovative and cost efficient master-slave system design performs all functions, interfaces all controls, such as a two-stage visual and audible warning and communicates with the vehicle data bus. Smartmicro is offering sensors in dual board (RF board and digital board separate) or in single board configuration (RF and digital board combined).

360 Degree Applications

For more information, see our Automotive Radar Product Brochure.

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