Airborne Radar Accessories

Smartmicro offers a range of accessories which simplify the integration of our airborne radars and can help during the testing process.

Third party equipment like displays and communication modules etc. are certified by Smartmicro, recommended models are listed, test reports are available on request.

Altitude Display / Sink Rate Display

RedLion display configured to display either the altitude or the sink rate measured by the Micro Radar Altimeter.

Displays can be connected plug-and-play to the altimeter simultaneously via RS485 data bus. They will work after power on without any configuration required.

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smartmicro bracket solutions are designed for attaching our airborne sensors for robust permanent installation. Additionally they can be used for flexible 3-axis adjustable sensor application on test aircraft.

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Plug & Play Cable

Our standard cable with RS485 and CAN connectors and banana plugs for power supply. Length: 10m. UV-resistant.

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Robust RS485 to USB adaptor, certified by smartmicro.

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